Implementation Roadmap

The book includes a highly detailed Net Zero Transformation Roadmap that shows how to achieve Net Zero step-by-step

We have to design the city to anticipate the needs and behaviors of the real human, not the imaginary ideal one, and to structure the city in way that leads us to make choices that are sustainable for the long term.

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The Net Zero Transformation Roadmap presented here shows how to prepare our mindsets and our cities for a healthy future. It describes in detail how an integrated systems thinking approach, backed by science, supported by data, and etched by human ingenuity, will enable us to rise up to meet the challenge of climate change over a decade.

The Roadmap is organized into four phases, which correspond with the natural process of how many changes in society often occur. We begin with Assess to design this transformation process, then transition to Act where we begin to put major initiatives in place. This is followed by Accelerate, when our Actions begin to have significant impact, and we conclude at the end of a decade with Achieve, the attainment of Net Zero.

Cities are complex systems, and changing them requires comprehensive and integrated efforts. The seven horizontal tracks that extend across the Roadmap from left to right are the seven critical sectors in which we must take significant actions. Each of these seven sectors is described in the book with a detailed discussion and dozens of examples of actions already being taken in cities worldwide. The Roadmap is thus a mirror of the book’s structure, and the two work together.

Many specific action items shown on the Roadmap are discussed in the book, and these are clearly marked so that when you view the Roadmap you can refer back to the book and easily find the pertinent description.

While your city will probably require its own unique roadmap to address its unique situation, this general version may be useful in helping you to think through and plan for your own Net Zero Transformation.