Mission Zero

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the knowledge-packed pages of “Mission Zero: A Race To Save Planet Earth”: a captivating book that takes young readers on a journey into the world of climate change.

Mission Zero - A Race To Save Planet Earth
This is a book of firsts:

Mission Zero: A Race To Save Planet Earth

  • First book on climate change written by authors based in the UAE:

The authors of this book are two remarkable women committed to cause of sustainability, who have made remarkable contributions to increasing knowledge and implementing smart climate solutions in their projects.

  • First book that features regional projects:

It showcases the amazing strides the UAE and the Middle Eastern countries have taken in this space through real examples of projects implemented in the UAE.

  • All woman team:

The design, illustration, technical expertise and research for this book has been done by women. This was a purely happy coincidence, and goes to show the opportunities that the UAE makes available for women to pursue their passion.

  • Exploring the theme of AI and Creativity:

What exactly are the benefits and challenges of using AI in a creative and research based project? Will AI take over jobs from humans? Can AI replace human creativity and ingenuity? Incorporating the currently available AI tools in a conscious and measured manner, the team has addressed these questions in the process of creating this book.

Join Omar and Sara, our young heroes, as they explore the interconnected realms of food, energy and water.

A sudden health emergency in the family, leads Omar and Sara to understand the far reaching impact of the climate crisis. They make it their mission to explore solutions to tackle climate change. From harnessing renewable energy, to conserving rain water, cultivating food through new methods and preserving biodiversity; their quest takes them on a journey of exploring groundbreaking technologies and ingenious solutions for sustainable living.

Designed for children between the ages of 8-12 years; this book is an empowering educational tool that motivates young minds to take action. Through Omar and Sara’s journey, young readers learn that their choices matter, their actions have impact and that they can become heroes in the Race to save the planet.


Hey I am Sara and this is my brother Omar. We are 10 years old.


We love Science. In different ways though. I love reading all about it while Omar loves practising science( sometimes on me)


Together we love, sitting at the family workbench to create our own science theories, wire circuit boards, experiment with chemistry sets or look at things under a microscope.


We also enjoy building our own robots and gadgets. I recently made one to sweep away the mess on our work bench after we’re done ‘WORKING’.


Our factorise thing to do is working on secret projects and fun experiments with our Grandpa, our biggest inspiration.

Our Granpa was an award wining engineer in the UAE for 40 years and knows just about every cool fact in the world.


He is also the best story teller and is never short of the most thrilling stories about the land, the oceans and the wonderful creatures in it. He has taught us all about cool scientists from way back in time like Marie Curie, Neil Armstrong, Zaha Hadid, and Ibn al- Haytham


Usually our science projects are top secret, but this one we simply had to share with you,..

We compiled this project report after a really scary incident with our grandpa.


Meet The Authors

Nahla Nabil

Nahla Nabil

Nahla Nabil is an innovative and versatile professional with abroad range of experiences spanning from aviation to construction, railway, and airport operations. She began her illustrious career in New Zealand after completing her education there, majoring in Environment Science. Her experiences in New Zealand laid the foundation for her exemplary work in sustainability and Environment.

A true pioneer in the field, Nahla earned the distinction of being one of the first few females in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to venture
into the HSE domain in 2003.

Nahla has a profound understanding of the intricate systems and procedures propelling these sectors. Renowned for her excellent leadership, project management skills, and strong proficiency in Environmental laws.

In addition to her illustrious career, Nahla is a devoted mother to two beautiful daughters, Talya and Maya.

This personal aspect of her life adds another layer of depth to her advocacy for a sustainable future, as she is not only working towards a better world for the current generation but for the generations to come. Passionate about education, Nahla dedicates herself to raising climate change awareness among children.

Farah Naz

Farah Naz is an award winning Climate Change strategist with 20 years of experience throughout the building sector in the USA, UK, Southeast Asia, and most recently the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

She is a Chartered Engineer (UK), Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and Chair of CIBSE’s UAE Chapter, LEED and WELL Accredited Professional, and Verified Research Expert for the Dubai Future Foundation. Farah is a strong advocate of STEM education for future generations.

Since arriving in the UAE she has been steering sustainability and innovation efforts in the built environment across the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the wider Gulf Region. She leads Specialist Services with a focus on Sustainable Cities, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and Urban Resilience for AECOM in the Middle East and Africa.

Farah was a prime mover in creating the Energy Strategy for the first zero-energy building in the UK, which won the 2015 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Sustainable Buildings Award. In the Middle East her name is synonymous with implementable sustainability and energy strategies, and she has supported building projects including the Dubai Museum of the Future, the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, Bee’ah Headquarters in Sharjah, the Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion, Masdar Eco Villa, and Masdar Housing, and master planning projects including NEOM, Red Sea, Amaala, and Hudayriat in Saudi Arabia.

As an innovator, she focuses on implementating best practices in the built environment by applying systems related to the Food-Energy- Water Nexus, Biomimetics, the Five Capital model of Sustainability, Liveability, and Inclusive Integrated Innovation Frameworks, which will build the foundation of the cities and communities of the future.

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Mission Zero - A Race To Save Planet Earth

Meet The Authors

Meet The Authors