About us

The climate emergency presents an opportunity that comes only very rarely, the opportunity to transform society. As we address climate change we can also enhance our health, support our families, and promote greater equity throughout society.

How do we transform the energy system underlying our global economy without wrecking that economy?

Or are we destined to sustain a fossil-fueled economy at the cost of a wrecked planet?

How fast can we transform our energy systems and our economy ... together?

These are the questions we answer.

The story of

Net Zero City

Langdon and Farah began working on this project together when Langdon was a student at the London School of Economics in the LSE Cities Master’s program, and Farah served as his thesis advisor and research partner.

Upon completing the thesis work on Net Zero Cities, they realized that there was much more to learn and to share, and so they embarked on the project to expand Langdon’s thesis into this book.

Along the way they were fortunate to receive a tremendous amount of help from experts in architecture, engineering, sustainability, urbanism, real estate development, climate science, and transportation, and we worked to assure that all of these perspectives are fully integrated into the narrative of the book.

If we act together with the right authorities and experts, supported by the necessary data platform providing the right data at the right time, we will set ourselves on the right path to recovery.