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The climate emergency is already having major impacts on cities worldwide, and these impacts will increase. We know that we must transform the world’s energy systems, as well as our lives and lifestyles, in order to achieve sustainability, livability, and balance. This acclaimed book provides a detailed Roadmap to help guide these critical changes to our energy systems, as well as our ways of living, and the cities in which we live.

Net Zero City Cover

How to Achieve the Net Zero City


This book presents a comprehensive transformation framework that reaches across multiple disciplines, and provides the integrated roadmap to reach Net Zero.


We must transform the city to attain Net Zero,
and so we must understand what makes it the way it is,
and what must be done to change it.


Global cooperation is essential.
We have to leave behind our debilitating ideas of national independence, recognize our interdependence, and take action as a global community.


Industrialism created unimaginable wealth, but it did so at a cost that was unrecognized and unpaid.
Now we have to pay that cost, and we will pay in two ways.
The costs of enduring, surviving, and adapting to the climate emergency will be massive.
And the cost to transform the energy systems that power the economy and its cities will be massive as well.


There is much work to be done beyond what cities can accomplish, but accomplishing everything that our cities can do is essential, and it is here that we begin.

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Meet the authors

Langdon Morris

Langdon is a globally renowned teacher, consultant, and keynote speaker on innovation and strategy. He leads the innovation consulting practice at InnovationLabs, supporting companies, governments, and humanitarian organizations worldwide. He has written many books on all facets of innovation management and business strategy which are widely used in practice and as university textbooks, including The Innovation Master Plan which was described here. Recently he created the world’s most complete online course in innovation, the 25-hour Innovation Mastery program.

He also leads Net Zero Urban Twin at The Modern Data Company, as noted in Chapter 8C.

He is affiliated with many global organizations, including Mastercard’s Digital Innovation Institute, where he is an Innovation Fellow. He is a former member of the US Team developing the ISO 56000 Global Innovation Management Standard, and former Senior Practice Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania Ackoff Center.

Farah Naz

CEng FCIBSE Estidama PQP WELL AP LEED (BD+C) Chair CIBSE UAE, Verified Expert, Dubai Future Foundation WELL City Advisory Board Member

Farah Naz is an award winning Climate Change strategist with 20 years of experience throughout the building sector in the USA, UK, Southeast Asia, and most recently the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

She is a Chartered Engineer (UK), Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and Chair of CIBSE’s UAE Chapter, LEED and WELL Accredited Professional, and Verified Research Expert for the Dubai Future Foundation. Farah is a strong advocate of STEM education for future generations.

Since arriving in the UAE she has been steering sustainability and innovation efforts in the built environment across the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the wider Gulf Region. She leads Specialist Services with a focus on Sustainable Cities, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and Urban Resilience for AECOM in the Middle East and Africa.

Farah was a prime mover in creating the Energy Strategy for the first zero-energy building in the UK, which won the 2015 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Sustainable Buildings Award. In the Middle East her name is synonymous with implementable sustainability and energy strategies, and she has supported building projects including the Dubai Museum of the Future, the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, Bee’ah Headquarters in Sharjah, the Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion, Masdar Eco Villa, and Masdar Housing, and master planning projects including NEOM, Red Sea, Amaala, and Hudayriat in Saudi Arabia.

As an innovator, she focuses on implementating best practices in the built environment by applying systems related to the Food-Energy- Water Nexus, Biomimetics, the Five Capital model of Sustainability, Liveability, and Inclusive Integrated Innovation Frameworks, which will build the foundation of the cities and communities of the future.

Media feature

Middle East Consultant February 2022

Exclusive cover feature with Farah Naz on The Path To Net Zero

Expo2020 Interview

Exclusive interview with Studio Expo on the topic is Expo2020 Dubai the blueprint of sustainable design for future climate smart cities

Thought Leadership, Lectures, and Workshops

Net Zero City Lecture at University of Birmingham Dubai, Dubai, UAE
4 March 2022
Farah Naz and Langdon Morris will present "Climate Change and the Smart City" to urban design students at the University of Birmingham Dubai, Dubai Campus.
Net Zero City Launch at Canadian University, Dubai, UAE
3 March 2022
Join us for the face-to-face launch of Net Zero City Book with our authors Farah Naz FCIBSE and Langdon Morris, along with esteemed special guests.
Net Zero City Dialogue with the RIBA Gulf Chapter @ One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Dubai Design District
2 March 2022
It’s an informal session to ask the authors Net Zero questions with fellow RIBA professionals.
Net Zero City Seminar with Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai, UAE
1 March 2022
This seminar will include a lecture by Langdon Morris and Farah Naz, followed by a Q&A session on the latest sold-out book Net Zero City. This will be your opportunity to ask your burning questions regarding Net Zero City transformation.
Net Zero City Book Soft Launch
10 December 2021
We're launching the book on December 10. Please join us!
Heriot Watt University Lecture, Dubai, UAE
2 December 2021
Langdon Morris presents a detailed overview of the book to the Global Sustainable Urban Governance course Heriot Watt University, Dubai, UAE.
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